University of Iowa

Adding the UICapture Recordings tool to ICON


1. Select Settings at the bottom of the course site navigation in an ICON course.


Settings at the bottom of an ICON course's navigation panel


2. Click the Navigation tab at the top of the Settings page.


Under Settings select the Navigation tab


3. Scroll down to the disabled course tools and Enable UICapture Recordings.


Select UICapture Recordings and click Enable


4. Verify that UICapture Recordings is populated within the Enabled course tools .


Make certain UICapture Recordings is placed in the Enabled tools


5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.



Select Save at the bottom of the page


6. Click UICapture Recordings in the ICON course's site navigation menu.



Make certain to click on UICapture Recordings in the course site navigation


7. Verify that a UICapture folder has been created by checking to see if a folder symbol and folder title (named after the term and name of the ICON course) are present.



Verify that a UICapture Folder has been created in UICapture

For help, please contact or 384-4357 (4-HELP)