The University of Iowa

In collaboration with the department or unit, the OTLT Center for Teaching proposes and discusses a program to best meet their needs. Programs can include: 

  • Workshops (60 or 90 minutes)
  • Sparkshops (15 to 45 minutes). Sparkshops are interactive and evidence-based short workshops tailored to a department and/or discipline. They are conducted during departmental events and work best as a series.
  • Synchronous or asynchronous institutes
  • DEI in Teaching Practice learning communities
  • Equity-focused curriculum (re)design support

While there is no preferred order or number of events, the OTLT Center for Teaching recommends starting with an in-depth session, then continuing the conversation in shorter sessions, such as sparkshops. The topics and types of events in the series can be determined in response to the needs and emerging questions of the department. 

Popular Sparkshop and Workshop Topics

  • Transparency in teaching and learning
  • Mitigating stereotype threat and implicit bias in teaching
  • Equitable assessment
  • Inclusive and anti-racist syllabus design
  • Creating and supporting sense of belonging in classroom
  • Decolonizing your course
  • Inclusive and interactive lecturing
  • Gathering mid-semester feedback
  • Nurturing students’ metacognition
  • Organizing equitable teamwork
  • Universal design for learning
  • Difficult dialogues 
  • Crafting your DEI syllabus statement
  • Connecting to your students
  • Inclusive curriculum design

OTLT Center for Teaching staff draw on the scholarship of teaching and learning relevant to the discipline and work with departmental leaders to customize content based on requests. Additional topics can be proposed.