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What is Peerceptiv?

Peerceptiv is a tool to augment peer-review of writing. It enables instructors to describe assignments and the process of peer review, create reviewing rubrics, and establish a communication framework for students to share and respond to each other. The platform supports peer review not only of written work, but also videos, business plans, presentations and other types of works that can benefit from peer assessment.

ICON and Peerceptiv are fully integrated, allowing faculty and students to participate in peer review activities online, in either synchronous or asynchronous classroom settings.

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How are instructors using Peerceptiv?

Kristine Munoz, Professor of Communication Studies: “I was always troubled that in Communication Studies we claimed we taught students to – communicate effectively in writing – yet writing assignments were, for most students, a first draft pulled together shortly before the due date. Even when we put significant effort into giving feedback, most simply looked at their grade and went on. Peerceptiv guides them through drafts of other students’ work, and most of the learning happens by seeing what their peers are doing well and poorly. They also get reviews, often careful, insightful and quite useful, on the basis of which they do second drafts of their papers. I have seen a significant improvement in the quality of student writing since I incorporated Peerceptiv into my students’ learning experience.”

Charles Munro, Visiting Instructor of Journalism & Mass Communication: “I have tried other evaluative software. Some anonymous, some not. I find it only works when students put honest, serious effort into it. That kind of effort emerges only when a grade is at stake. For that reason, I really like Peerceptiv’s back evaluation (review-the-reviewer) feature. It’s students holding other students accountable for what they write for a grade. I believe strongly that students learn best when they get thoughtful feedback on their written work. In large classes doing that is immensely time consuming. I have found that students react positively to the feedback provided by peers and submit better final reports as a result.”

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