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What is Peerceptiv?

Peerceptiv is a tool to augment peer-review of writing. It enables instructors to describe assignments and the process of peer review, create reviewing rubrics, and establish a communication framework for students to share and respond to each other. 

How are scores generated in Peerceptiv?

Scores in Peerceptiv are a combination of writing, reviewing, and task based components. The weight given to these components is controlled by the instructor at the time the assignment is set up. See the Peerceptiv documentation site for more information.

How do I see students' participation in the assignment?

The Data menu within Peerceptiv gives an instructor an overview of each assignment, as well as detailed statistics on completion rates, late documents and reviews, and student performance. See the Peerceptiv documentation site for more information.

How do I ...?

The Peerceptiv knowledge base is full of answers for your questions.

For further assistance you can email the ITS Help Desk:


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