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Portfolium is not available university wide yet, but there is a pilot program - contact the ITS help desk if you're interested in integrating it into your ICON course.

What is Portfolium?

Portfolium is a comprehensive tool for creating an "ecosystem of student success" in a variety of ways. It allows users to assess the effectiveness of their programs or courses​, certify student competencies​, and empower students to showcase their achievements and skills, with evidence.​

Accessing Portfolium

To Access Portfolium, please navigate to

Getting Started with Portfolium

Portfolium allows students, faculty, and departments a way to create, manage, and assess portfolios, both for class and personal use.

Portfolium has two components:

  • Portfolium Network, which allows students to create personal portfolios that they can share publicly.
  • Outcomes & Pathways, which allows instructors and programs to develop course and program level portfolios that connect to ICON and can be used in student and departmental assessments.  

The current license that the University of Iowa has with Portfolium allows an unlimited number of student personal portfolios with the Portfolium Network, and a limited number of spaces for course or program portfolios using Outcomes & Pathways.

Instructional Technologies is currently running a pilot project with a limited number of programs using Outcomes & Pathways. This project will be expanded over time, and if you think this could be a good tool for your course or program, contact the ITS Help Desk to connect with the Portfolium team at Iowa.



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