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Instructors can embed Pressbooks chapters into an ICON course, allowing students to access the material even if the book is set to private. To create this connection, you must first go to Pressbooks to create and export an LTI integration, then go to ICON to import the integration into your course.

Step One: Adjust Roles for Students

By adjusting your student roles, you can make students Subscribers to your book, so they can read the course material, or you can chose other roles that allow them to create or edit Pressbooks content. For more information about Pressbooks roles, check out Pressbooks Users & Collaborators

  1. Go to you book's Pressbooks dashboard.
  2. In the menu to the left, hover over Integrations and select LTI Settings.
  3. To change the student role, set the appropriate role for  Map Learner to the following Pressbooks Role.
  4. Adjust your book's Appearance (how it will display in ICON.)
    • If students will be adding or editing content, select Display Pressbooks navigation elements in your LMS along with book content.
    • If students will only be reading the content, select Display only book content in LMS for easier navigation with ICON (this still allows students to use H5P content and Hypothesis.)
  5. Leave the Common Cartridge Version at 1.3.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Step 2: Select Parts of Your Book to Include

  1. From the Pressbooks dashboard menu to the left, click Organize.
  2. Scroll through the parts and chapters of your book, and check the content you want in ICON under Show in Exports, or uncheck items you want to leave out of your course.
  3. Your selections will save automatically.

Step 3: Download your Pressbooks Common Cartridge

  1. In the menu to the left, select Export.
  2. Under Export Options, check Common Cartridge 1.3 (LTI Links).
  3. Click Export Your Book.
  4. Under Latest Exports, hover over the latest file you exported and click Download.
  5. Save your file to your computer.

Step Four: Upload your Pressbooks Common Cartridge to ICON

  1. Go to ICON and navigate to your ICON course.
  2. Click on Settings in the menu to the left.
  3. In the menu to the right, click Import Course Content.
  4. Under Import Content, use the Content Type pulldown menu to select Common Cartridge 1.x Package.
  5. Under Source, click Browse to find and select the Common Cartridge file you downloaded, then click Open.
  6. Under Content, select All content.
  7. Click Import.

Step Five: Publish Your Content in ICON

  1. Once the import is completed, check Modules in your course navigation.
  2. Each part of the book should have imported as a module, while the chapters will be unpublished parts of those modules. Publish any chapters you want to be available to students.
  3. You can edit the names of any of the Pressbooks content, delete parts you don’t want, reorganize modules, or move chapters.
  4. You can also mix other ICON content in between your chapters, so students can easily navigate from a Pressbooks chapter to a quiz, discussion, or assignment.


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