The University of Iowa
Machine Learning
4CAST'19: Teaching, Machine Learning, and the Academic Panopticon

4CAST'19 will provide UI faculty members an opportunity to consider and discuss their roles as instructors, their course formats, and overall student success as the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence continues to grow.

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4CAST'18 - Learning Architects: Design Thinking in the Classroom

4CAST’18 will provide UI faculty members an opportunity to envision themselves as learning architects with the notion that teaching is itself a design challenge.

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4CAST'17: Our Lives Online

4CAST ’17 will highlight teaching and learning issues related to Big Data, social media, and new technologies—topics set forth by the Office of Outreach and Engagement (Provost’s Office) for our campus-wide Theme Semester, “Our Lives Online.”

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4CAST'16 - Bridging Art and Science: STEAM Education in a Digital World

4CAST'16 will address the impact of innovative technologies on student learning, including the art and science of 3-D fabrication.

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4CAST'15: Who is in Control?

4CAST'15 will pose the question, “Who’s in control?  Students as creators, ‘consumers,’ and collaborators in their education.”

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4CAST'14: Long Live the Book

How has the shift towards digital texts changed the way we interact with academic material? 4CAST'14 will include engaging conversation and exciting explorations on how the intersection of print and digital is changing our lives.

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4CAST'13: Tomorrowland

Imagine the classroom of the future. Does it have walls? How many students are enrolled? What media do instructors use to teach? 4CAST'13 will explore and engage with the teaching technologies of the "future" that your colleagues are using now.

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4CAST'12: Productive Disruption

4CAST'12 explored how using technology that was once considered "disruptive" can create opportunities to enhance learning. 

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4CAST'11: The Expanding Classroom

4CAST'11 introduced instructors to the pedagogy of blended learning, which combines online educational materials and with traditional classroom methods.

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4CAST'10: Engaged Learning

4CAST'10 showcased teaching technologies that faculty members can use in creative ways to enhance learning across a range of diciplines. 

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4CAST'09: The Open Academy

4CAST'09 asked instructors to consider who owns knowledge, including their own experiences with open technologies.

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4CAST'08: Social Networking

4CAST'08 explored how the University can leverage social networking to enhance teaching and learning.