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Iowa Learning Analytics Umbrella IRB

This umbrella IRB supports faculty who wish to conduct learning analytics research.

Instructional Analytics Dashboard

The Instructional Analytics Dashboard is a comprehensive and customizable analytics tool designed to help instructors make data-informed decisions about their teaching.

Unizin Learning Analytics: Student Textbook Reading

This collaborative research project is investigating the instructional practices that promote student reading in higher education. 


Student Success Using Learning Analytics

Examining the use of a learning analytics platform to improve student outcomes.

Services Offered by the Research & Analytics Team

Course Profile

The course profile is an interactive dashboard that uses student data to generate visualizations to help instructors better understand the students taking their courses. 

Classroom and Curriculum Data and Analysis

To help instructors to make data-informed decisions about their teaching and help departments understand the students in their programs, the Research and Analytics provides classroom and curriculum data and analysis reports

Community meeting
Course Equity Report

The changing demographics and circumstances of enrollment at Iowa mean that students are likely to come into your course with a wide range of experiences, skills, and perspectives. 

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