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Solstice - Frequently Asked Questions

Solstice enables instructors and students to wirelessly share content from mobile devices such as smart phones and laptops in University of Iowa classrooms and learning spaces. The Mersive Solstice platform transforms meeting spaces into collaboration hubs enabling groups to work in more dynamic and productive ways.

Will copyright protected content present through Solstice? 

  • Certain types of content with digital copyright protection [mainly video streaming through paid sites] may not present through Solstice. It is best to test copyright protected content ahead of expected presentation.

What types of devices are supported for Solstice use?

  • Solstice offers universal support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with a consistent user experience across all supported operating systems.
  • Solstice also offers browser-based support for Chromebook and Linux devices.

Does Solstice work with VPNs?

  • There has been a rare instance where running a VPN prevented a device from connecting to Solstice and/or the eduroam wireless network; reconfiguring or disabling the VPN may allow normal function.

How many participants can access Solstice during a single session?

  • Each Solstice session will currently allow up to 40 participants in UI learning/meeting spaces, due to bandwidth concerns in each space.


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