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eTextbook: Research Findings


The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology has collaborated with the College of Education at the University of Iowa to closely examine how students and faculty use eTextbooks in a variety of disciplines—from accounting to biology.



Main Objectives and Research Goals:


  • Evaluate student and faculty attitudes towards using eTexts, the impact on student learning, and cost savings for students.
  • Evaluate accessibility of eTexts and open content.
  • Learn what enterprise technology support we may need for campus-wide eText efforts.
  • Provide input to publishers and decision makers regarding future sustainable business models that are most advantageous to students.




Student surveys, data mining, qualitative interviews, experimental study


Main Findings:


  • Compared with a group of students who used a paper textbook in matched courses, students who used a free e-textbooks had more difficulty accessing and using their e-textbook and, on average, indicated they wanted to use a paper textbook in the future.
  • We found that 80% of the students in our study purchased and used a paper textbook even though they had access to the online eTextbook when they bought access to the online homework system.
  • Students who used an eTextbook also spent less time engaged in reading. Many of the e-textbook features—designed to boost student learning—were not used by students very often.
  • Although students voiced approval of having a free eTextbook, they were still more in favor of using paper because of the perceived advantages for learning.


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