The University of Iowa

Pedagogical Support from the Center for Teaching 

Instructors interested in student-centered active-learning pedagogy are encouraged to continue consulting with the Center for Teaching to work through the creation of team-based learning activities, balance lecture and active engagement, hone their facility with TILE technologies, and craft effective assessments that align with course and activity learning objectives.

Center for Teaching staff members provide consulting services on technology and instructional design issues, offer production assistance, and introduce other instructional services resources as needed. We also offer departmental training sessions on course design, active learning techniques and strategies, assessment design (including rubrics), and instructional technologies.

TILE Classrooms

The University of Iowa offers an array of TILE classroom designs and sizes that can accommodate 24 to 81 students. TILE classrooms are equipped with circular tables, laptops, flat-screen monitors, multiple projectors, and whiteboards or glassboards to encourage and support collaborative and engaged active learning. The faculty workstation is not at the front of the room—the traditional lecture-based classroom model—but is situated to create a more free-flowing learning environment to enhance the movement and interactions among students and between student and instructor.

In addition, we offer two other variations of learning spaces called TILE-Flex and TILE-Lite rooms. Our TILE-Flex space facilitates flexible options to switch between individual and group work teaching approaches. The TILE-Lite space does not use tables but instead has movable tablet-arm chairs that cluster around power pods to form groups, enabling different active-learning teaching and learning.

Departmental reservation requests for TILE classroom spaces can be submitted using the Room Reservation Form