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Technical A/V Install, Support & Repair is an LST service providing repair solutions for campus audiovisual technology.

AV Terms of Support

Summary of Response Times & Resolutions

OTLT Learning Spaces Technology [LST] will provide tier-3 support for audiovisual technology installed in non-University Classroom facilities at a standard rate of $95.00/hour. OTLT LST normal business hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday–Friday. Triage is typically provided within four business hours for audiovisual technology issues, with an immediate resolution of issue[s] when possible. LST does not currently maintain stock of replacement parts for non-University Classroom equipment, and therefore, a complete resolution of issue[s] may be dependent on procurement of replacement parts.

Charges & Billing

Only authorized staff may approve requests for third-tier support and an MFK must accompany all third-tier service requests. Typically, ETS Team Leaders may authorize requests of repair charges under $500, and IT Directors may authorize repair charges over $500; however, please contact ETS, or your IT Director, to determine who may approve charges for your non-University Classroom facilities. Billing typically occurs monthly.

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Technical A/V Install, Support & Repair