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TILE Classroom Updates & New Learning Spaces

May 13, 2021

LST Associate Director Tino Kaltsas states, in addition to classroom refresh updates, as well as ongoing repair and maintenance of upwards of 325 UCRs, there are at least eight UCRs that are expected to receive “comprehensive presentation technology updates.” This type of install typically includes the refresh of the A/V system as well as many, or all, educational technologies unique to the learning space. The highlights of these A/V and technology renovated spaces include four original TILE classrooms located in the Main Library’s room 1140, Trowbridge Hall’s rooms 134 and 136, as well as Biology Building’s room 154.

These four TILE classrooms getting updates will add three laptops and a Mersive Solstice pod for each student table. All A/V equipment is expected to be under the control of a new NVX Crestron platform that allows “AV over IP” virtual matrix routing, according to Dan Blakeslee, an LST A/V team IT Support Consultant. LST A/V team lead Paul Ross, a Senior Communications Infrastructure Engineer, adds, “we’ll be looking to make some of the older TILE rooms similar to the more recently completed TILE rooms.” Mark Mueller, a Communications Infrastructure Engineer, considered a resident audio wizard by the LST group, believes, “Crestron’s NVX platform integration together with Mersive Solstice pods addresses persistent table clutter and cabling issues,” essentially narrowing visible equipment down to a single charging base for handheld microphones.

TILE Classroom Table

Additionally, LST is looking forward to bringing more classrooms aboard for Fall semester. New UCRs include the newest campus TILE classroom in 315 Phillips Hall [a former departmental conference room], as well as a large ultra-modern learning space in N150 Lindquist Center [a multi-level space which once housed the College of Education’s television facility and Video Production Laboratory for video delivered instructional programming]. Blakeslee insists, “a lot of the A/V team’s work provides for many unique situations that are not very cookie cutter,” and the N150 LC project highlights this notion. Phil Gugliuzza, an LST Communications Infrastructure Engineer, says, the “first and second floor of the College of Education’s North Lindquist Center is a very interesting capital project renovation to look forward to for us.” Ross particularly expects, “N150 LC will be a show piece of our in-house LST A/V design and installation work for the College of Education.”

In addition to these spaces, the College of Public Health is also expected to be contributing five classrooms to the UCR pool, all of which are scheduled for updated A/V systems. According to Blakeslee, “CPHB will likely get the first run of in-house Crestron A/V over IP programming, which has largely been done by contractors in the past.” This is part of another new shift for LST. One where the University’s A/V classroom needs, such as designs, installs, and programming, can be met quicker when done in-house versus by an outside contractor, simply because “it's easier for us when we have more direct access to on-campus resources.”


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