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The Learning Spaces Technology [LST] team provides consulting, management and support for 25 technology-equipped TILE Learning Spaces across campus.


TILE learning spaces are instructional spaces configured for student-centered, active learning pedagogy with various whiteboards and flexible seating options that provide a collaborative atmosphere for inquiry-guided learning. TILE learning spaces range in size from 24 to 81 seats and are managed by Classroom Scheduling. Several of these spaces offer round tables that seat nine students, with three laptops at each table. 

These technology-rich “classic” TILE learning spaces provide central switching stations that faculty members and students can use to project images from classroom laptops to LCD screens, one for each table. TILE learning spaces are also lined with white-boards. Additionally, all TILE learning spaces are equipped with webcams and microphones for online delivery and/or recording.


In addition to the TILE learning space, two other variations of learning spaces are supported, called TILE-Flex and TILE-Lite learning spaces. TILE-Flex learning spaces provide either varying laptop ratios, or a Solstice "Bring-Your-Own-Device" option, allowing for a flexible transition between individual and group work. Additionally, a further variation of TILE-Flex, called TILE-Flex-Plus, provides student laptops. For additional information on TILE variations please visit the Classrooms TILE page.

TILE-Lite is the newest available space that is technology-light [no provided laptops or additional monitors, but does include a single Solstice Pod for wireless presentation or collaboration, projecting content from own devices]. These unique TILE-Lite classrooms do not use tables, instead having movable tablet-arm chairs that cluster around power pods to form groups, for active-learning and teaching. It should be noted TILE-Lite spaces do not currently require TILE Essentials workshop completion.

Requesting New Classroom Technology/Software

The LST Support Team welcomes requests for software in campus University Classrooms. To request specific software for a University Classroom, please complete the Learning Spaces Technology Software Request Form:

If you are an instructor with other software needs for your TILE learning space, please complete the request form from the link provided below. Please allow up to two weeks for review, processing, and deployment of your software. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact

Learning Spaces Software Request

The LST A/V Design & Installation Team welcomes requests for new hardware in campus University Classrooms. To request specific new hardware for a University Classroom, please complete the Learning Spaces Design & Installation Request Form:

Learning Spaces Design & Installation Request

Required Training

Faculty and other users must participate in TILE Essentials training session in order to request use of TILE and TILE-Flex learning spaces [this training is not required for TILE-Lite spaces]. Contact the Center for Teaching [CfT] at for additional information on the TILE program, or if you are interested in becoming trained to use TILE learning spaces.



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