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Do I need to purchase a license to use Top Hat in my class?

No, instructor licenses are free.

Do I need to order Top Hat Pro?

See our comparison feature page for more details.

How do I share a course site with another instructor or TA?

The Top Hat website had these instructions for adding TAs and instructors to your course. If a TA requires a student account for some classes, and a Professor one for others, please contact the ITS Help Desk, and we will work with Top Hat to set up both accounts.

Is Top Hat HIPAA compliant?

Do not use Top Hat with protected health information as defined under HIPAA.

Is Top Hat accessible to students with disabilities?

In general, Top Hat is fully accessible for students with disabilities. It is however possible for professors to create materials within Top Hat that are not accessible for students with disabilities. For more information, check out Top Hat's guide to Utilizing Top Hat with Accessibility. 

How do I order Top Hat for my courses?

Top Hat can be ordered through the ICON Direct order tool.

What do I put in MAUI?

When you order Top Hat through ICON Direct your MAUI listing is updated automatically.

What do I put in my syllabus?

Please indicate in your syllabus that you will be using Top Hat and inform students how it will be used. The opt-out method is the same as other ICON Direct Materials. 

I missed the order deadline. Can I still add Top Hat to my course?

The registrar's deadline for ordering of course materials is four weeks prior to the start of classes. If your class has not begun yet, please contact

I'm using Top Hat for a textbook. Do my students have to purchase a Top Hat license as well?

The cost of a Top Hat license is included in the textbook cost.

What training does the university offer for Top Hat?

The Office of Teaching Learning and Technology periodically offers trainings on Top Hat, and has a Top Hat user group once a month during Fall and Spring semesters. You can check out upcoming trainings and recordings of past trainings. You can also contact the ITS Help Desk to set up an individual training. 

How do I get started?

  • Log into Top Hat to create an instructor account. 
  • Visit the Top Hat Quick Start Guide for steps to prepare course content, get students enrolled, and tips on how to use Top Hat inside and outside the classroom!

Contact the ITS Help Desk if you have any other questions about getting started with Top Hat. Top Hat Support is also available online and via phone. Top Hat also provides 1-1 training sessions for faculty who are interested in learning more or making the switch from other student response systems. 

Registration links to all local training sessions can be found on the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology Events page

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