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Solstice Troubleshooting Topics

Solstice app cannot connect to Solstice session

  • Solstice requires the use of the eduroam wireless network to connect to learning/meeting space Solstice sessions; connect to eduroam

iOS Mirroring Issues

  • iOS device restart is recommended; login and use the eduroam wireless network; iOS update may be required for use with Solstice

MacOS Mirroring Issues

Mac Installation Crashes

  • Typical crashing behavior is due to outdated MacOS version; update to newer version of MacOS through App Store

Video Streaming is Poor

  • Personal device restart is recommended; OS update may be required if issue persists on singular device; if encountered by all users in session, report potential wireless network issue to ITS Help Desk

No Audio From Connected Device

  • Un-mute your device and/or your app; ensure media contains audio stream [audio plays through device speaker/headphones]; personal device restart may be recommended

Black Screen [no Solstice Home page visible]

  • Solstice is disconnected or may require power-cycling; report issue immediately to ITS Help Desk

Cannot connect to Solstice and/or eduroam

  • Reconfigure or turn off VPN on personal device

Cannot connect all room participants to Solstice session

  • Solstice is currently limited to 40 participants in learning spaces and four simultaneous iOS Airplay [iPhone/iPad mirroring] participants


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