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Choose the right Turnitin integration for your assignment

Instructors at Iowa have two options for creating assignments with TurnItIn. The newer TurnItIn Plagiarism Framework allows instructors to create an ICON assignment that can be checked by TurnItIn. The legacy integration, which loads TurnItIn as an External Tool, is also still available. Turnitin compares the features of both side by side.

When to use the Plagiarism Framework (new option):

  • You want to check for plagiarism, and you want the simplest set up.
    Selecting Online Submission Type, of Text or File Upload will supply Turnitin choice
  • You want to use Canvas tools including:
    • Group Assignments
    • Canvas Rubrics
    • Canvas Peer Review (although you may like Peerceptiv, a separate tool in ICON)
    • Student View
  • You want more flexibility with editing due dates, including:
    • multiple deadlines
    • due date changes after students have submitted papers
    • due date adjustments using Copy a Course
  • Students will be uploading multiple files for their assignment.
  • You forgot to make an assignment a Turnitin assignment, students have already turned in their papers, and you would like to check for plagiarism.

Start using the ICON Connection

Turnitin Instructor Guide

Turnitin Student Guide

When to use the External Tool (legacy option):

  • You are used to this integration and prefer it.
  • You want to use Turnitin tools including:
    • grading tools in the Turnitin Feedback Studio
    • PeerMark through Turnitin (although you may like Peerceptiv, a separate tool in ICON).
  • You want to limit the number of times a student can resubmit a paper.

Start using the External Tool

Turnitin Instructor Guide

Turnitin Student Guide

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