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Switching to the Turnitin Plagiarism Framework

ICON's newer integration of Turnitin, the Turnitin Plagiarism Framework, provides a simpler interface for instructors and students, and works better with ICON tools and settings.

Follow these instructions if you’d like to change assignments set up in the old version of Turnitin and would like to the new one. The previous version of Turnitin will remain available for the foreseeable future, so you do not need to switch if you prefer that setup. 

Do not change your assignment if students have already turned in submissions to your assignment.

Not sure about what version of Turnitin to use? Check out Getting Started at or contact the ITS Help Desk.

  1. In your ICON course, open an assignment that uses the Turnitin External Tool.
  2. Click Edit Assignment Settings to edit the ICON settings in the assignment. 
    Edit Assignment Settings button indicated on Assignment Page
  3. Change the Submission Type from External Tool to Online
  4. Under Online Entry Options, select File Uploads and/or Text Entry.
  5. Under Plagiarism Review, change the menu from None to Turnitin. 
    Selecting Online Submission Type, of Text or File Upload will start Turnitin choice
  6. Scroll down to check the Turnitin and ICON settings. Make any necessary changes.
  7. Click Save at the bottom.
  8. Now you will have an ICON assignment that runs student papers through Turnitin. Student similarity scores will appear in SpeedGrader and in the ICON Gradebook.
    Final Assignment Screen of Published Turnitin Assignment

If you have other Turnitin assignments in your course, repeat these steps with them to switch them to the new Turnitin Plagiarism Framework tool.


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