University of Iowa

Maggie Jesse
In 2015, the University of Iowa joined the Unizin Consortium as a founding member. One of the key drivers to joining Unizin was a desire to acquire faster and easier access to data from instructional technology systems and to influence future data opportunities. We also had the vision of working side-by-side with educational researchers across Unizin membership who would find new ways of supporting student success through richer data sources. We are close to realizing that vision, and in this session, we are looking for input on how to leverage this resource.


Speaker: Maggie Jesse, Senior Director in the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

Maggie Jesse is the Senior Director of the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology at the University of Iowa. In her role, she leads pedagogy support through the Center for Teaching, as well as the instructional technology needs of the campus, including technology in learning spaces across campus and large-scale instructional technology projects and services.