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Is Canvas Catalog the same as Canvas?

No, Canvas is the learning management system that houses ICON and used for courses that are offered to enrolled students for degree-earning programs. Catalog is used for online courses non-degree students who are not enrolled at the University of Iowa.

How do I get started with Canvas Catalog?

Contact the ITS help desk to submit a ticket to request a Canvas Catalog consultation to see if Catalog will fit your needs.

Are there any forms I have to fill out?

Yes. All new Canvas Catalog users will need to fill out a Memo of Understanding (MOU). This document helps ITS keep track of who has sub- account admin rights. All new sub-account admins will need to fill out a new administrator request form.

Do you need a HawkID to enroll in a Canvas Catalog class?

No. Students can register and enroll in a Canvas Catalog course using their email address.

Where can students find a new Canvas Catalog class I'm offering?

Instructors can create new course registration pages at Instructors must have admin privileges to create a course registration page.

How has Catalog been used?

Workshops, conference, research study, training courses, analytics case competition, etc.

Is there a fee to use Catalog?

No. ITS does not charge for the use of Canvas Catalog. 

Can I charge for courses in Canvas Catalog?

Yes. An enrollment fee can be added to a Canvas Catalog course. To charge for a Catalog course, users must work with the Office of the Treasury to create a new charge account.

Who do Canvas Catalog students contact with questions? 

Students in a catalog course will need to contact the course instructor or the department/program offering the course (this is covered in the MOU). Instructors or staff who need technical assistance or additional assistance to answer a student's question can contact the ITS Help Desk for support.

Can students get a refund if they drop a paid course?

Refunds can be given at the discretion of the department/program offering the course.

Can I add a Subcatalog Admin if I myself am a Subcatalog Admin?

No, contact the ITS Help Desk.

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