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Migration Details and FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

Timeline of when changes are visible to users

Timeline of when sub-domains move to the cloud 

Obtaining Departmental Admin Access

Frequently asked questions

What is happening to UICapture? 
UICapture (Panopto)'s software has been running on servers in the university data center.  Moving the UICapture (Panopto) software to be hosted by Panopto (the company that makes the software) will bring several benefits to Iowa, including getting new features quicker, faster bug fixes, and several feature enhancements.  This move also means that the address for all UICapture sites will change to  
Can I still use UICapture to record lectures?
Yes, you can still use UICapture to record lectures and deliver video to students. 
Will the UICapture Recordings tool in my ICON course continue to function?
If you know your server address content is finished migrating or if you are receiving a missing param error when clicking on the UICapture Recordings tool in an ICON course's course site navigation, disable the UICapture Recordings tool and Enable the tool labeled UICapture.
When can I start recording video to the cloud?
The new cloud environment will be available for recording starting on June 3rd. Make certain to update your Panopto recording software to the latest version (6.0) and use the server address
What new features can I expect from Panopto 6.0?
Moving from Panopto 5.6 to Panopto 6.0 presents an opportunity to adopt features from several newer versions of Panopto. Release notes for specific features and changes can be found here.
Will I have to update all my links?
Not at first, but we do recommend that all users update any hard-coded / static links in their ICON courses, webpages, or other locations to point the new location.  Links to videos pointing to the old addresses will continue to work for one year after migration. 
How will I know when my content is done being moved?
When your content has been copied and verified we will set up the redirects to UICapture in the Hosted environment.
What if I have content on two sub-domains?
The two sub-domains will move independently, see the timeline below for a schedule.
Will I have to add content back into ICON?
Links will work, but Quizzes will need to be added to their assignment using the new integration. We recommend updating links to content within your courses as soon as you can to ensure the most consistent experience.
Who do I contact if I have any questions?
Please reach out to the Help Desk for support or with questions about the move.


Timeline of when changes are visible to users

May 29th

New integration (LTI) available in ICON

June 3rd

Users can record to the cloud to the new address

Recorder available in SCCM for those who install their own recorders 

June 10th

Last file and database sync starts

Sub-domains switched to “read only” mode when they are being moved

Redirects in place after that sub-domain is moved 

June 21st

Last file and database sync is done

Old integration (LTI) in ICON is removed 

June 22nd

Panopto 7.0 upgrade 

Timeline of moving sub-domains to the cloud



June 9th 2019


June 10th 2019


June 11th 2019


June 12th 2019


June 13th 2019


June 14th 2019


June 15th 2019

No Changes

1. College of Medicine

2. College of Business

3. Distance and Online Education

4. College of Law

5. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ICON)

6. College of Pharmacy

7. College of Public Health

8. College of Engineering

9. LAD

10. College of Nursing

11. Sandbox



June 16th 2019


June 17th 2019


June 18th 2019


June 19th 2019


June 20th 2019


June 21st 2019


June 22nd 2019

12. College of Education

13. CLAS

14. ITS

15. UIHC

16. Other

17. University College

18. MISC

19. International Programs

20. Graduate College

21. Libraries

22. College of Dentistry


Panopto 7.0 Upgrade

Obtaining Collegiate Admin Access

Because of the nature of support done within UICapture, and the access to data therein, maintaining elevated rights within UICapture now has a few requirements: