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The UICapture/Panopto Appliance & Remote Recorder enables complete and reliable capture of one to four projectors/monitors with UICapture/Panopto integration and scheduling in select classrooms across campus. The UICapture/Panopto Appliance & Remote Recorder is an ideal solution for reliably capturing content in select classrooms where content can originate from personal devices via an in-room HDMI connection [laptops, tablets, etc.], or shared content via a wireless presentation device [Solstice], or hand written content from digital drawing tablets/monitors [Wacom, SMART, etc.], among others.

The UICapture/Panopto platform allows for the creation of digital recordings with audio, video and screen content via a software application that is installed on either Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android. UICapture records this content, processes it and can make the content available as streamed presentations, downloadable audio and video podcasts. ICON and UICapture are fully integrated, allowing faculty and students immediate, secure, and simple access to captured content; however, UICapture content can easily be linked to ICON courses or other web sites as well.

If you have an inquiry regarding the use or installation of the UICapture/Panopto Appliance & Remote Recorder, please contact UICapture/Panopto Appliances Support via the ITS Help Desk.


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