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Updates to Instructional Technology Center [ITC] Computers & Printing

May 13, 2021

In a typical annual technology refresh, it’s expected that nearly 210 computers will be replaced across campus ITCs, including over 30 Apple iMacs, according to LST’s Support team lead and Senior IT Support Consultant, Kirk Batterson. Additionally,  Anne Schimke, an LST Senior IT Support Consultant, says, LST will “be re-imaging all LST-supported Windows computers to version 20H2 by the end of Summer semester.” According to LST’s Les Neu, a Senior IT Support Consultant, “we currently have direct oversight of roughly 1,800 computers, as taken right from key server, that require our support.” However, this figure does not include other type of classroom or ITC equipment, such as printers.

Regarding ITC printing, Neu says, “a big change will come this Fall semester as departments will begin to provide their own printer supplies while being reimbursed for cost/earnings based on Paper Cut reports.” In an innovative LST shift in practice that will now allow campus departments more independent control over costs and resources, nearly 70 color/monochrome printers across campus ITCs will be replaced with fewer high-capacity Lexmark production-level color printers. The model boasts advanced features in security, color accuracy, and supplies, as well as having both long-life and reliability, all of which help to promote fast print speeds with what Lexmark says is, “environmental responsibility.”

Old ITC Printer

Other than the new printer, students and faculty will encounter no changes to this service. Though the departments will now take over printer supplies, Neu adds, “LST will continue with elevated maintenance of campus ITC printers,” but he expects “the new model of Lexmark printer is generally more reliable based on its use by the University Hospitals.”

Neu adds that overall, “our equipment refresh process doesn’t change too much. Workstation refresh is typical done over summers but is broken down into quarters over four years, meaning that roughly a quarter of the 1,800 LST-supported computers are refreshed per academic year. While it seems like we keep getting more and more equipment to keep track of, thankfully our equipment-naming scheme helps to keep track of it all. And, while we do remove and get rid of older equipment, if it’s still useful to a department, it’s usually redistributed by CLAS, so that very little goes direct to surplus, unless it’s broken.” While the summer has historically been a slower time for classrooms in use, and therefore has allowed easier access to them, Neu believes, “that so far, it feels like it'll be a typical busy Summer for us here in LST support.”


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