University of Iowa


What is Elements of Success?


Elements of Success (EoS) is a learning analytics platform that helps students achieve their desired course outcomes by providing real-time feedback on their performance. Developed by OTLT in close collaboration with UI faculty members, EoS provices students new insights into their course progress.


Pulling and aggregating data directly from the ICON gradebook, EoS generates real-time performance feedback for students in an easy-to-understand, visual format that helps students succeed by answering a few critical questions:


How am I doing right now?

What will happen if I continue on this path?

How can I improve?


Students are shown visualizations of their overall standing and course progress as well as their performance in each grade category. Areas where a student is doing well and areas to target for improvement are highlighted.


Dont' students know how they are doing?


Not necessarily, we’ve found that many students report not knowing how they are doing and that estimates of their final grade may be unrealistically high or low. By arming them with data about how they are doing, students are able to make informed decisions about their learning behavior.


Main Features


Current Standing Table


  • Areas where a student is doing well and areas to target for improvement are highlighted.
  • You determine whether to display percentile rank, estimated grade, or both.



Summary Graph


  • View graphical summaries of performance for each assignment category and overall.
  • Total points available, class averages, and students' score are displayed.
  • Student score is color-coded to match the current standing table.


Weekly Progress Plot


  • Point totals are captured and plotted each week.



Goal Setting & Action Items


  • Students can set a target grade goal (viewable only to them) and select action items they are willing to commit to in order to achieve that goal.
  • You create / select the action items shown to students. 
  • After major benchmarks, reset goals so students can reflect on their goals and select new action items.


Custom Messages


  • Create custom messages for the whole class or specific groups of students based on their performance.


Resource Tiles


  • A carousel of all available campus resources  for your course are shown on the page inviting students to get help when they need it.