The University of Iowa

Program History

Since 2010, the TILE (Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage) program has strongly influenced the design and delivery of student-centered active learning at the University of Iowa. As an early adopter of the SCALE-UP model developed at North Carolina State University, Iowa developed its own unique program, which quickly became a model for pedagogical best practice and faculty professional development across the country and beyond.

More than 500 UI instructors in the humanities, fine and performing arts, social sciences, and STEM disciplines have participated in TILE professional development and incorporated TILE modes of teaching and learning into their courses. In addition to this highly unusual adoption across a broad array of disciplines, a number of UI departments also have made TILE pedagogies the signature mode of teaching throughout their departmental curricula.

Program Summary

TILE is an approach to teaching that incorporates inquiry-guided, team-based learning to increase faculty and student engagement. TILE instructors gain an understanding of these pedagogies through well-designed workshops, one-on-one consultations, and focused technology training. This professional development support enables instructors to create and deliver courses best suited to the learning needs of students in TILE classrooms.