The University of Iowa

In the event that Zoom is down or experiencing other issues, the university recommends using Microsoft Teams


Teams Meetings

Everyone on campus has access to Teams and can host web conferencing meetings as well. Instructions to create a Teams meeting: 

  1. Log in to with HawkID and password.
  2. Select Teams.
  3. Select Calendar on the left-hand menu.
  4. Select New Meeting on the top menu.
  5. Complete the meeting Title and invite attendees.
  6. Click Send on the top menu.
  7. Open the newly created meeting and copy the meeting URL from Join Microsoft Teams Meeting and share with students: 
    • Use an announcement to notify students in ICON. 
      • Go to your ICON course. Make sure it is published. 
      • Click Announcements in the menu to the left. 
      • Click the gold +Announcement button to the top left. 
      • Fill out the title and message. Paste the link to your Teams meeting in the message. 
      • Under Post to the default is All sections. If you only want to send this information to one section, remove All Sections and choose the selected sections to send it to. 
      • Click the gold Save button at the bottom right. 
  8. You may also want to edit your ICON homepage to include this information, too.  


Visit for more information on Teams, or contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.