The University of Iowa
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Create, host, and edit online learning resources using Iowa's learning management system. 

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ICON Direct

An eText platform allowing students to buy digital textbooks and course materials. 

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UI Capture (Panopto)

UICapture (Panopto), is a digital media platform that can record audio, video, and on-screen content for later playback. Videos can be restricted behind a hawkID login, or shared widely.  

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Web Conferencing/Zoom

Host online meetings and video conferences, schedule webinars, share your screen, join from a computer or mobilel device, and much more. 

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ACE Online Evaluations

An online evaluation system that collects student opinions about an instructor and provides a set of summary results.

Elements of Success

Elements of Success (EoS) is a learning analytics platform that fosters student self-guided learning and instructor reflective practice. 

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Exam Scoring

Test scoring and analysis for objective, multiple-choice examinations.

Gradescope Logo

A feedback and assessment tool that reduces the time associated with grading exams, homework, and other assignments.

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An online recognition detection software used for academic research, theses, dissertations, and other scholarly work to check for inaccuracies in citations and similar content that has not been properly summarized or paraphrased.

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Peer Review for Writing

A tool to augment the peer-review of writing enabling instructors to describe assignments and the process of peer review.

placement exam
Placement Exams

Refer to the New Students Placement Tests page for information on placement exams.

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A comprehensive tool for creating an "ecosystem of student success" in a variety of ways.

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An easy-to-use book writing software that lets you create a book in all formats that you need to publish.

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Respondus Lockdown Browser

A custom browser that locks down the testing environment in ICON.

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The Mersive Solstice platform transforms meeting spaces into collaboration hubs enabling groups to work in more dynamic and productive ways.

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Top Hat

Top Hat allows students to enter responses via their cell phones, laptops, or tablets through an app or web browser. Instructors create questions, discussions and interactive elements that can be mixed in with their class presentations.  

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Check papers against external sources and identify sections of papers that may have been plagiarized.

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UDOIT is an accessibility checker for Canvas (ICON) courses that identifies elements that may not be accessible to all students and provides suggestions for fixing them.

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UI Learn (Canvas Catalog)

UI Learn (Canvas Catalog) is an online course storefront, payment processing, and certificate generation platform designed for external users to sign up for non-academic courses. 

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A web-based tool for collaboration and discussion.