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Where do I download the ResponseWare/TurningPoint app?
The ResponseWare App is available on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.  You can also join a ResponseWare session by following this link:

Do I need a license?
Yes, a Turning Account license is necessary to receive credit for any answers from Turning Point sessions.

How do I buy a license?

  • Log into ICON and select your clicker course.
  • Select Modules and locate the Turning Account Registration link.
  • Note that your instructor may place this in a different place within Canvas. Contact your instructor if you are unable to locate this link.
  • Click that registration link. You will be redirected and you may be asked to sign into ICON again.
  • Verify your information, check the box to agree to the End User Agreement, and select “Finish.”
  • If you need to purchase a license, click “Purchase” and enter in your debit/credit card information.  Your license will automatically be applied to your Turning Account. Note: If you are on financial aid, please purchase a license from the IMU Bookstore so it can be applied towards your UBill.

Do I need a smartphone to respond in class?
No, any device capable of internet connectivity, such as a laptop or tablet, will be able to connect to ResponseWare.

The TurningPoint app is flashing and won't let me respond in class.
Make sure both the app and your smartphone are up-to-date. If that doesn't help, remove the app, power down your phone, restart and reinstall the app. Also, log out of the app and log back in.

My responses are not showing up for the instructor OR I did not receive any points.
Make sure you are logged into the TurningPoint app on your smartphone with your Hawk ID and password. If you recently changed your Hawk ID password, log out of the app and log back in with the new password.



Do I need to purchase a license to use TurningPoint in my class?
No, instructors at The University of Iowa get a free instructor license. They only need to create an instructor TurningPoint account.

My MacBook is connected by HDMI cable in the classroom and the TurningPoint Showbar has disappeared. How do I run a session?
Turn off the mirroring in the display settings of your Mac.

I'm getting a "This participant's license is not active" or "The Turning Account Instructor License does not have enough seats. Individual responses and scores cannot be viewed" message.
This message comes up when a student(s) has not purchased a license and/or made an LMS (Canvas) connection. 
A session file is not associated with a participant list. For steps on how to associate a session file with a participant list, please refer to Update Participant List.

How do I share the session data with another instructor or TA?
Session files are now encrypted, so they must be exported from TurningPoint Cloud with a password. Refer to Share a Session File.
Note: Do NOT use OneDrive to share session files as it will not let the other instructor import the file even with the password.

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