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The course profile is an interactive dashboard that uses student data to generate visualizations to help instructors better understand the students taking their courses. The goal of the course profile is to serve as an entry point for deeper reflection about data-informed teaching. Based on what instructors learn, it may spark further questions about their students. The course profile also provides examples of the types of data available to instructors.  

A course profile may help answer questions such as:  

  • How many students are taking this course for the second time? 
  • How might students taking the course be different in fall and spring? 
  • What courses do students take prior to this course? What other courses are they taking now? 
  • What majors take the course? 
  • Are there more first-generation students in the course than in prior semesters? 

The course profile shows student data from the current and past four semesters. To protect student privacy, course profiles are only created for courses with more than 40 students. 

Course Profile Dashboard 

 The image below is an example of visualizations generated by the dashboard. 

Series of graphs showing data about student grades, majors, and previous courses

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To learn more about the course profile and data-informed teaching, email Research & Analytics