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What is Elements of Success?

Elements of Success (EoS) is a learning analytics platform that helps students achieve their desired course outcomes by providing real-time feedback on their performance. Created by the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology and Administrative Information Systems, in close collaboration with faculty members at Iowa, EoS provides students new insights into their course progress.

Pulling and aggregating data directly from the ICON gradebook, EoS generates real-time performance feedback for students in an easy-to-understand, visual format that helps students succeed by answering a few critical questions:

  • How am I doing right now?
  • What will happen if I continue on this path?
  • How can I improve?

Students are shown visualizations of their overall standing and course progress as well as their performance in each grade category. Areas where a student is doing well and areas to target for improvement are highlighted.

Getting Started with Elements of Success

Although Elements of Success can be used in a variety of courses, it will be most valuable for courses with certain characteristics. In particular, it is ideally suited for courses with the following qualities:

  • Courses that have frequent formative assessment (i.e., lots of homework and small stakes assignments).
  • Courses where students may have a lot of questions or misconceptions about how they are doing, such as courses with high enrollment and courses that use a curve.
  • Courses that you’ve taught in the past where you have some established grading structures in place.

If you're interested in implementing Elements of Success in your course, or if you would like to see if Elements of Success is a good fit for your course, contact the ITS Help Desk.



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