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Uses of Student View

  • Elements if Success has a student view option that allows you to see what any specific student sees. This lets you check what is visible in Elements of Success and know what information they can access.
  • Student View is also useful when working one on one with students during office hours or similar settings. You can quickly pull up that student's information on your screen to walk them through information about their performance in the course and show them how to use Elements of Success to monitor their grade.
  • You will not be able to view a student's goals and action items under My Goals even if you are impersonating them.

Accessing Student View from the main page

  • Access Elements of Success from your course navigation menu.
  • At the top left of the main page, you'll see a box that says HawkID/University ID.
  • Type the student's HawkID or University ID number into the box and hit Submit.

Student View


  • You will be able to see the student's view of Elements of Success.


Accessing Student View from Course Dashboard

  • You can also go to the Course Dashboard from the three line menu and scroll down to Student Scores.
  • Click a student's name to see what they see in Elements of Success.

Student Scores with an arrow pointing to a sample student name


  • To leave student view, use the three line menu to navigate to another page of Elements of Success.


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