The University of Iowa

Learning Spaces Support provides management and support of the Instructional Technology Centers [ITCs] located across campus. ITCs are computer labs that are designed to provide campus-wide access to the University's academic computing resources and printing services, and encourage departments to integrate computing into their academic programs. ITCs are available to all Students, Faculty, Staff, Researchers, IT Professionals, and ITC Guests with typically no charges for use of this service.

ITC Locations

ITCs are located in multiple locations on campus, comprising a network of over 1000 workstations available for use. Wherever you are on the University of Iowa campus, there's likely an ITC nearby to meet your technology needs.

Software Titles Available

Learning Spaces Support installs a standard set of software to all ITC machines on campus; however, additional titles may also be installed or requested. Please contact the ITS Help Desk if you have any questions. 


Many ITC locations offer printing abilities. These are often via print release stations with black/white printers, and in select locations color printers are available. ITCs may also offer virtual printing capability via Web Print in select locations.

Online Access

ITC computers can also be accessed remotely via Virtual Desktop and Citrix, a virtual desktop app.

  • Please note that Virtual Desktop and Citrix will require use of Cisco AnyConnect, or UIAnywhere software, a Virtual Private Network [VPN] that provides secure, off-campus access to resources located on The University of Iowa campus.


In order to log into a machine you will need to be connected to the the network in order for the machine to create an account for you on the computer. A variety of issues can cause things to happen that prevent this from taking place. In most cases they can be solved by trying some of these troubleshooting tips.

  • Troubleshooting Tips
    • On the front of the laptop by the right hinge there are several lights. Make sure the Wi Fi light is on. If it is not, there might be a switch on the left side of the laptop that turns the wireless card on and off. Switch it on and the Wi Fi light will come on. Try to log on again.
    • Restart the computer. Some computers can be on for long lengths of time and need a restart.
    • If you are still having problems connect the computer to a network cable, login and when it is connected remove the cable and it should stay connected.

If none of these options work the computer will need to be re-imaged. Please let the support staff in the area or the help desk know the computer name so it can be taken care of.