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Learning Spaces Technology coordinates management and support of the Instructional Technology Centers [ITCs] located across campus. Many ITC locations offer printing capabilities with PaperCut technology. These printing capabilities are typically via print release stations with black/white printers, and with color printers available in select locations. PaperCut technology allows for secure printing with print queuing and release, as well as offering virtual printing from your own device via Web Print [in select locations].

ITC Printing is available to all Students, Faculty, Staff, Researchers, IT Professionals, and ITC Guests, with printing services located in multiple locations on campus, and comprising a network of over 1000 workstations available for use. This network is further expanded with the use of Web Print virtual printing, meaning wherever you are on The University of Iowa campus, there's ITC Printing nearby to meet your printing needs.


Services & Solutions

The following are printing services and solutions available to meet campus needs and demands.

Departmental Printing or Charged Departmental Printing Services

  • Provides print queues to printing devices that allow departments to centrally manage Windows machine drivers and be able to produce reports based on print queue usage
  1. Allows for setting of defaults on Windows devices for print jobs, including, print in Grayscale by default, duplex, specific tray/paper type
  2. Allows for a print release station to keep documents secure and promotes responsible printing
  3. Allows collection of printer funds by price setting per impression

Print Audit Solution

  • Provides an overview of a departmental printing environment that can help determine printing needs and potential savings

Printing Report Service

  • Provides departmental print usage reports

Printer Model Recommendation Service

  • Provides a list of recommendations for printer models, saving departments time looking through printing models that fits their needs/budget

Printer Repair Solutions

  • Provides a list of printing device repair locations for departments

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