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Getting Started using the ICON Integration

Kaltura & ICON Overview 

Overview: ICON is closely integrated with Kaltura. This is a guide for instructors on three ways to access and create Kaltura content within ICON course sites: My Media, Media Gallery, and Embed Kaltura Media.  Visit the Canvas Extension Walkthrough video for a video walk through of this integration. 

What is Kaltura? Kaltura is an open-source cloud based digital media hosting platform which allows users to upload, convert, manage and distribute their audio and video content. Faculty, staff and students may upload media content and determine how their media will be distributed. Kaltura can be accessed through ICON as well as through MediaSpace, Kaltura’s public facing media streaming platform.

1. My Media 


What is it? My Media is a link in the ICON navigation menu to your Kaltura content (think of My Media as your uploaded media library). If you have never uploaded any media into MediaSpace or ICON, you won’t see anything in My Media. Instructors may choose to hide or display the menu link (Course Settings >Navigation > My Media > Disable). This link may also be placed in the Modules area by the instructor (Modules > + Item > External Tool > Kaltura My Media).

Who can use it? My Media is directly tied to your HawkID login, whether you are an instructor or a student. You will only ever see files that you have uploaded to Kaltura in My Media, never anyone else’s.

What can you do with it? My Media offers a convenient way to add and manage your media content.

2. Media Gallery 


What is it? Media Gallery is a dedicated place in an ICON course site to display Kaltura content. Instructors may choose to hide or display the menu link (Course Settings >Navigation > Media Gallery > Disable). This link may also be placed in the Modules area by the instructor (Modules > + Item > External Tool > Media Gallery).

Who can use it? Instructors can add or upload files to a course site’s Media Gallery for students to view. Students can also add or upload media to share with instructors and peers. Media uploaded to the Media Gallery by students must be approved by the instructor before it is posted in the Media Gallery.

What can you do with it? This is the place that an instructor can display all media that is specific to a course. Although ICON makes it easy to embed all types of media throughout a course site, e.g., in Pages, Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, etc., many instructors may want to use Media Gallery to have one location where students can find the course’s media. The Media Gallery also provides in depth analytics on your media content pertaining to who has watched your media and even how much of your media they have watched.

3. Embed Kaltura Media in the Rich Content Editor (RCE)


What is it? The ICON Rich Content Editor has a button to embed media. To access this, click the More External Tools button and then select Embed Kaltura Media.

Who can use it? Anyone with access to the Rich Content Editor, including students who are using the Rich Content Editor for Assignments, Discussions, Pages and Quizzes.

What can I do with it? Users can add media to a page, using the Rich Content Editor to layout that page. Any media created this way is added to the Kaltura My Media library.