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Turnitin PeerMark Instructor Guide

Peermark is the peer review feature of Turnitin. It allows students to anonymously review each other's papers and make sentence level comments. Instructors can send grades on the papers themselves to ICON, but grades entered on the reviews in Turnitin must be updated manually in the ICON gradebook. (For a program that combines both grades and sends them to ICON, ee recommend another program, Peerceptiv.)

  1. Create a PeerMark Assignment.
    • Create an assignment using the Turnitin External Tool. Click the  Turnitin Settings.
    • Turnitin assignment with Settings button pointed out.
    • Scroll down to below the assignment description and the box next to Enable PeerMark.
    • Turnitin assignment with Enable PeerMark checked
    • Click Submit to save the assignment settings. Enabling the Add PeerMark assignments option automatically creates a single PeerMark assignment with the default settings: one required review per student and the PeerMark assignment start date occurring after the post date of the Turnitin assignment.
  2. Adjust PeerMark settings.
    • Once PeerMark is enabled for an assignment, it will get two new tabs: PeerMark Setup and PeerMark Review. Click PeerMark Setup to set up the PeerMark assignment.
    • PeerMark Assignment
    • Use the PeerMark Assignment tab to set up when students can review papers and when they receive feedback. You can also set how many points the reviews are worth under Maximum points available but while you can enter these points in Turnitin, they will not transfer to ICON.
    • You can add questions for peer review from the PeerMark Questions tab. You can Add from Library, Save to Library, Delete Library and create your own questions.
      • You can create your own questions by using + Add Question, which can be a Free Response or Scale for students to use for reviewing. You can also set a minimum answer length.
      • You can Reorder, edit and delete questions.
  3. Check Additional Settings
    • Click on Additional Settings to edit other aspects of the assignment. Pay special attention to the following settings:
    • PeerMark Additional Settings
    • Award maximum points on review: Click Yes if you want students to automatically get points when they review, or No if you want to enter points in. Either way review points will not be transferred to ICON.
    • Automatically distribute papers for review: If you want PeerMark to automatically assign students papers to review, adjust this number for the number of reviews you want each student to do.
    • When done adjusting settings, click Save & Continue.
  4. If you want to choose which papers students peer edit, click Distribution.
    • PeerMark Reviews
    • Under Distribution, you can manually Pair author and reviewer, or you can leave it on System Assigned.
    • To pair an author with a reviewer, click + to the right of the student who you want to assign a reviewer to. Then click on the name of the reviewer and click Confirm.
    • If you don’t want a student to participate in the reviewing process, you can exclude them by clicking to the right of the student name.
  5. Read student reviews in the PeerMarks Review tab.
    • Student reviews
    • Click the number under Submitted to to see the reviews a student completed, or Received to see the reviews of that student's paper.
    • The review with annotations and comments will open in a new tab.
    • If you would like to review a student's paper, you can add that by clicking Review.


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