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Export a Quiz from Canvas

1. Follow these instructions from the Canvas Guides to export quiz content: Export Quiz Content.
** Please note that Canvas currently does not support the export of question groups linked to questions banked in a quiz.

a. Quiz content will be exported into a zip package.
b. Create a folder where you can extract the quizzes to once they have been exported and
c. Keep track of the order the quizzes were exported, so you can identify them later. They will
not have the quiz title as part of the file name as shown in the example image below.


Import to Respondus

1. Open Respondus 4.0 and select 'IMS QTI' for the Current Personality from the Start tab.

2. Click the Import Questions button.

a. Choose QTI file type
b. Browse for the file under the extension 'IMS QTI Questions'.
c. Add questions to the current document or create a new one.
d. Select Preview to check for problems.
e. Click Finish to complete the process.


Export to Word

1. While a document is open within Respondus, select the Preview + Publish tab.
2. Decide how you would like the document to be formatted under Print Options.
3. When you have finished making changes, choose to either print or save to file.
4. Additional changes to formatting can be made using a word processor.


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