The University of Iowa


Center for Teaching SoTL experts are available for one-on-one consultations to discuss any stage of the SoTL process, including strategies for:

  • Developing research questions.
  • Conducting the study.
  • Interpreting data.
  • Sharing study results with broader professional communities.

Faculty Learning Community

This faculty learning community (FLC) provides a place for faculty to learn about doing SoTL, support each other in pursuing SoTL, and find ways to make SoTL more visible on campus. Members attend meetings, share insights about engaging SoTL in their practice, and support peers in a dynamic group environment. We encourage faculty members to join who:

  • want to translate the changes they want to make in their teaching into SoTL research questions;
  • intend to identify the implications of their teaching through exploring their students’ learning experiences; or
  • already have SoTL project and want to develop it further.

If you would like to become involved in the FLC, please contact Maggie Chorazy, clinical associate professor in epidemiology.