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TILE: Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage

The ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology Learning Spaces Technology [LST] team provides consulting, management and support for 25 technology-equipped TILE classrooms across campus.

How do I get a key for the audio/mic drawer?

  • Keys can be checked out for the semester at the ITS Help Desk in UCC 2800.

Can I annotate/draw over my presentation?

  • Many, but not all, TILE classrooms have a Graphic Drawing Tablet Monitor as their desktop monitor.
  • The LST A/V Design & Installation Team welcomes requests for new hardware in campus University Classrooms, including TILE. To request specific new hardware for a University Classroom, please complete the Learning Spaces Design & Installation Request Form:

Learning Spaces Design & Installation Request

What is the food policy for a TILE classroom?

  • Due to the amount of technical equipment, we strongly request that there is no food or beverage in the TILE classroom.

Where do I get additional dry erase markers?

  • The Registrar's Office is in charge of replenishing the TILE classrooms with dry erase markers. If you notice the markers are running dry or in shortage, please contact the Registrar's office to request more. It is good practice for instructors to bring along their own markers to the TILE classroom as a backup.

How can an instructor book a course in the TILE classroom?

  • Once an instructor has completed the TILE Essentials workshop, they will be eligible to submit a request for assignment of a TILE classroom. The TILE Essentials Workshop is typically offered three times a year: March, June & October. Many instructors plan to teach in a TILE classroom a year in advance, allowing them ample time to transform their teaching to take advantage of the TILE space.
  • Departmental reservation requests for TILE classroom spaces can be submitted using the Room Reservation Form.  For instructions on requesting a TILE space for a semester course assignment, please see the "Location" section on this Course Offering Planner page for more information.
  • For additional information and photos of the TILE classrooms, please visit the Classrooms page. You can filter your search by "type" if you choose the "TILE" options in the dropdown menu.

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