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Zoom FAQs on HIPAA Compliance

FAQ for Zoom and HIPAA Usage

For more information on the University of Iowa Zoom service, click here

  1. Is Zoom appropriate to use with HIPAA data?
    1. Zoom encrypts communication among the participants in a Zoom meeting.
    2. This provides appropriate protection for Personal Health Information (PHI).
    3. For additional guidelines on using Zoom with PHI, please see
  2. Who is eligible to use Zoom?
    1. Current license with Zoom is for academic, research, and scholarly activities as well as employees with a primary appointment in University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. 
  3. What are the alternatives if I can’t currently use Zoom?
    1. Skype for Business provides similar functionality to Zoom, and encrypts communication across the Internet to provide protection for PHI.
    2. Skype for Business is licensed for all UI employees.
    3. For more information on Skype for Business, click here.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.