University of Iowa

Instructional Web Conferencing Best Practices

Distribute Conferencing Etiquette Guidelines

Log into Zoom Prior to Meeting Time

  • Students can set up their headsets, camera and microphones and to ensure that they are working properly.

Check Video Background

  • Remind students to be sure that their background is appropriate while sharing video, along with how their image is displayed to the rest of the class.

Screen & Video Sharing 

  • Let students know who is allowed to and/or responsible for the shared content.

Request to Speak

  • Explain how you want students to request an opportunity to speak. For example, raise hands or submit a question via chat box.

Text Chat Rules

  • Set ground rules for use of text chat. Discourage "side conversations" that will distract students from the ongoing conversation. Explain what is and isn't appropriate for them to post.

    Use Zoom Creatively

    1:1 Meetings with Students

    • Schedule meetings with students that you would normally meet face-to-face with by using a Zoom meeting.

    Office Hours

    • Run office hours remotely by making a virtual room active and have students come and leave as needed.

    Paper and Research Reviews

    • Use screen sharing to review with students and give feedback in real time.

    Exam Review Sessions

    • Open a Zoom session for student led discussion or instructor led review, and allow students to enter as necessary.